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What is RDP and Why Should you buy one?  RDP Means Remote Desktop Protocol. When one computer is connected to another computer remotely with remote access to the computer via Remote Desktop Protocol. It is called as Remote Desktop.



Usually a RDP can be any computer be it your home computer or the computer at your workplace. All these RDP has their limitation depending on the RDP host . But when you buy RDP from a remote desktop provider, there a lot of benefits like internet speed of RDP, RAM, Processor and much more. This is because your personal or Office computer may not have great high-end configuration like High-End Super Processor, 1Gbps Port speed (which you can’t even think of for home in many countries), High-End RAM etc. So these kind of High-End Hardware are expensive to be owned at house and personal usage and would cost an arm and a leg every month. You can also save your Internet Bandwidth.


#5 Reasons to Buy RDP:


To Watch Movies Online:

Many people like to watch movies online without any buffering or lag. But in many countries where internet speeds are limited, that is not the case. So using the RDP technology you can make use of the High-Speed Ultra fast internet speed that are available in other countries for your purposes. Which is a brilliant idea to save both your time, bandwidth and most of all MONEY.


To Encode Movies and upload Online:

If you are a torrent uploader you will love this, Have you thought how cool it would be to keep on seeding your uploads without having to worry about downtime and become a top torrent uploader in popular torrents like KAT. But for doing So you will need High-end RAM and Processor to do your work and it will take several hours if you use your personal computer to encode and upload just one Movie? Your RDP comes in handy at that time to safe you time, money and energy and gives you name, fame and popularity among the internet community. Many top uploaders of torrent websites are our clients which is to be mentioned here. You will always be Online and there is no switching off when you have an RDP. With BestBuyRDP Unlimited plans, you can upload tons and tons of data.


To Anonymously Surf the Internet:

With RDP  your physical IP is preserved. So you can access Sites and Surf the internet from any virtual location. We also support Zenmate VPN Chrome Extension in our RDP which allows you to switch IPs of many virtual location in a Jiffy and Surf the Internet without getting noticed.


To Access blocked Websites:

Yes Ofcourse, you can get access to blocked websites and banned websites from your country. Your activities are not logged, so it is not illegal as you are using a remote desktop which is not even in your country.


To Create content for the Internet:

If you love blogging and want to serve the Internet community with your blog post and make the Internet live, then RDP will definitely help you to download and upload content for your blog or website readers.


Who We Are:

BestBuyRDP emerged out of the passion to serve the clients better with the idea of “Serving the Best and Leave the Rest”. We are Service based and not monetary based. So out utmost satisfaction comes from serving you better. We have with us the BEST RDP servers around the globe to serve you better. We are the lowest in market but with the Best Customer Support. That is Why our clients Love us.